It’s All Vibration!

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Welcome to Roots Rocks Reiki! This is an educational information website devoted to sharing healing and lore to all whom are interested.  I am a teacher, minister, historian, and Reiki master on a mission to channel Reiki and energy healing to all Earthlings.

It’s All Vibration


Physics theorists and meta-physicians have deduced that all matter is entirely composed of vibration. What appears to be solid objects are actually an amazing combination of atoms, structurally composed into elements and eventually physical objects.  What this means in terms of health is that focused energy has the ability to affect people, animals, plants, and even situations by setting right and surrounding with positivity the vibrational foundation by which all matter is made.



Throughout human history, plants and herbs have been used to help with health and healing.  These are Earth’s gifts to us and knowing their traditional uses is an important part of our heritage, no matter what part of the planet we hail from.


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Rocks, especially crystals, like all matter have a unique elemental vibration.  Each crystal has a special chemical make up and color that can work to increase healing and bring about balance. They can also be enhanced with Reiki and serve to amplify Reiki energy to the intended.


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One form of focused energy is Reiki or Divine Life-force Energy.  This is a form of energy healing that uses prayer, meditation, and intent to deliver warmth, peace, and relaxation through a practitioner to a client.



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